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Making gift giving fun, Syd&Co lets you take a playful and creative approach to gifting! Get involved in the creative process, to personalise gifts that celebrate relationships and the personality and look of the person that you are giving it to.

Syd&Co gifts are as exciting to give as they are to receive.  They always gain a big reaction! We call them the ultimate FEEL GOOD GIFT.


Everything that you see starts off as a drawing or sketch. I grew up loving nature and animals and this is reflected in our growing Pet and Plant collections. All your designs are put together by our talented digital team and all your orders are individually hand printed to order.   

Creating a Personalised Syd&Co is a little bit more time consuming but we think it is worth it so that you have a unique gift that you are excited to give or wear.


We are a growing team of creative individuals with a flair for design, photography, printing and embroidery.

I founded Syd&Co in 2015. After 12 years working as a Textile Design Teacher I knew I had to get back to designing and being creative. I started making personalised Teacher Pencil cases for colleagues at the school I worked at and they really started to take off. With a little bit of self belief and risk taking what started as a hobby at my kitchen table has turned into a full time business. My creative journey began when I studied for a BA HONS in Contemporary Applied Arts then Progressed to a Masters in the same subject.

I feel really fortunate to work with my Lovely mum Carole who has supported me from the very begining. Carole is involved in creating personalisation options and also works really hard putting your personalised orders together.

Tallulah is a full time member of the Syd&Co Team she is a Fashion Design and Marketing Graduate with a flair for all things creative. To add to the Syd&Co story Tallulah was taught A-Level Textiles by me when Syd&Co was still a seed of an idea.

Brendan is a part time member of the team, he has also graduated in Contemporary Applied Arts. He loves anything practical and specialises in printing and embroidering your orders! 

Sam Sutherland is a recent Creative graduate who is also part of our digital team.

Last but not least two of our most important team members Albert & Stanley our wonderful studio dogs who brighten up each and every working day and inspire our ever growing dog lover range.


We believe that by designing thoughtful personalised gifts we are creating things people will want to look after and treasure rather than throw away.

We print all orders to order so that we create less waste and surplus stock .

We try to minimise any wastage in production and make sure that all machinery and lights are turned off when not in use. We also recycle whenever possible.

We are actively looking for new organic sustainable products to print onto to.

We always try to work with local or UK businesses to reduce air miles and our product footprint.