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Oopsie Daisy Multifunctional Freestanding bag


How will you use yours?  These cotton canvas  bags are perfect for you or your dog and can be used as a wash-bag, grooming bag, toiletry bag, crafting bag or stationery case. They are a great way of organising your cosmetics and beauty products at home or they make a practical and stylish travel companion for you or your pet. These wash bags feature a flat base meaning they can stand freely on your dressing table and have plenty of room for storing your belongings.

The beauty of these bags is that you can change the wording to suit what it is used for and who it is used for.  A perfect gift for a friend, family member or if you just want to treat yourself! A great gift idea for Mothers Day and birthdays.

We have now added a new colour option to the oopsie daisy collection. Please see photos to view the blue and sage option.

To personalise view the different pet illustrations in the photos then select your choices.  If you would like a custom colour or drawing message me via Instagram or directly at 

100% Cotton canvas bag with chunky metal zip.
Medium Wash bag: 18cm x 19cm x 9cm 
Large Wash bag: 22.5cm x 23cm x 11cm 

To look after wipe clean or hand wash in warm water. Take care not to iron the print. Do not tumble dry.

We can’t wait to see you and your pets enjoying your Syd&Co so make sure you tag us @sydandco #onthegowithsydandco

Oopsie Daisy Multifunctional Freestanding bag


FAQS How to personalise with your pet 🐶

  • How do I personalise with my pet?

    Firstly, find the product that you would like to add your pet too. 

    Then scroll through the product photos to view the hand drawn pet illustrations.

    If you see one that has a good resemblance to your pet type the breed/colour into the text boxes and select my pet is on the sheet.

    If you can’t see your pet on our sheets, please get in touch as I have lots of drawings on file and I am able to tweak designs or do bespoke colours or drawings.

  • What if I can’t see my breed/colour on your sheets?

    Not to worry as I have built up an archive of hundreds of different pet drawings. If you can’t see a drawing that works for you, please get in touch via Instagram or email me and I will check my files.

     If it is only a small change that you require to an existing drawing, I am happy to do this free of charge. This includes things like tweaking nose colours adding a touch or colour or tweaking an ear.

    If you would like your very own realistic drawing of your pet, I can do a bespoke drawing from a photo for £25 or a realistic colour edit of an existing drawing for £15.  Once you have purchased your bespoke design we will look after it for you and you can request it (free of charge) on future orders.

  • How do I order a bespoke design?

    Message me via Instagram or at with a clear front facing photo of your pet. Once we have agreed on the bespoke design you need to add either
    the bespoke drawing or bespoke colour to your basket in the product drop down

    Once I have completed your bespoke design, I will send you a preview. Once you have approved this, I will print the design onto your

  • Can I add extra pets?

    You can add extra pets to all our products, and you can also mix different types of pets too. There will be a drop-down menu on the item which allows you to add extra pets to your order and there is a text box to
    enter the details too.

    If you want to add more pets than is on the drop-down menu, please get in touch to discuss as we are always happy to help you wherever

  • How long does an order take?

    If your pet has been chosen off our pre-drawn sheets, we will aim to dispatch your order in 1-3 days.  If you have requested a bespoke drawing these
    do take longer as it is a time-consuming process and bespoke orders are very popular. They can take between 2-4 weeks.

    If you need your gift by a certain date, always make sure to
    let us know as a note at checkout or when agreeing to your bespoke and we will wherever possible do our very best to accommodate this.

  • Do you do custom orders?

    I love to create custom designs for you whether it is a specific breed, a mixed breed or an unusual type of pet.

    If you would like a custom drawing of your pet, I can do a bespoke drawing from a photograph for £25 or a realistic colour edit of an
    existing drawing for £15. 

    Once you have purchased your bespoke, we will look after it for you and you can request it (free of charge) on future orders.

    If you would like to get a custom design, please get in touch to discuss this first then when you place your order select either
    bespoke drawing or bespoke colour from the drop-down menu.

  • What kind of photograph do I need for a bespoke drawing or colour?

    For a bespoke drawing I will need a bright, light front facing photo that shows your pet exactly as you want him/her drawn. Make sure the photo shows the true colour of your pet as I will use the photo to pick the colours.

    Also think about the expression you would like your dog/pet to have. Do you want him to look more serious or smiley? Would you like the
    tongue in or out?